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Books for 'Older' Readers

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Because we never stop reading...

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This website has been created by Claire Baldry who is one of the featured authors. It is intended to be a resource for readers in mid-life and beyond who are looking for novels and other books which they might enjoy. It is not an attempt to be agist or to put reading tastes into set compartments. We fully understand that reading tastes can vary enormously regardless of the age of the reader.  Heroes/heroines in the books on this site tend are generally 'older', though this is not always the case. Suggestions come from writers  who are members of the Books For Older Readers Facebook Group. The site does not always check the suitability or quality of books which are included, neither do we offer reviews or 'star' ratings. If anyone notices a book which they consider to be unsuitable, please contact us and we will check it out.  As this is a UK site, all Amazon links take you to the Amazon UK website. However most books can also be found on Amazon.com.

If you are an author, and you would like to submit your book to be included on this website, please note that this is an entirely free service intended to be of use to readers and authors. We do not post books when they are only available for 'pre-order'. The easiest way to submit a book is to join the facebook group and then read the link below. Please note that due to overwhelming demand, submissions have been temporarily closed from 1st November 2018, while we catch up. When submissions re-open in 2019, an announcement will be made on the facebook group book. We aim to deal with books submitted up to 31st October 2018 as soon as possible.





If you have any queries, feel free to ask.

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