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Because we never stop reading...

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"Melinda Field's magic lies beyond her ability to birth full, deep characters to whom you are drawn so willingly...she presents to the reader crucial lessons buried ever-so-gently in the subtle ironies of life."

Deb Mullaney-Sliney

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"A hit man ponders what life might be like as a good citizen as he prepares and successfully accomplishes his murderous task.”

Stan B.

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"A really good who-done-it. I truly enjoyed being a fly on the wall in this debut mystery as it unfolded, and watching the love/hate relationship of her characters was a joy. Definitely looking forward to reading more from this author ...”


Beyond Promses
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"This is a beautiful story and was such a fabulous read, there are a lot of emotions and Ms Christensen has taken on  a lot of topics that have been in the news lately and highlighted them so well."

Helen Sibbert

Author Profile Dorothea
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"A beautifully written profoundly tender love story that lasted over fifty years. It is also interesting to read about rural Spain - a country I know nothing about. I found out later that Hilary spends a lot of time in Spain and that definitely shines through."

Mary L

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"I enjoyed reading Book I Marie Anne. I like the book is for baby boomers. The music is unique and superb. The main characters grew as the story progressed"


"I loved Dorothea’s feisty character, her loyalty and especially loved her as a cantankerous old lady and the interaction between her and Inky. This story had so many facets, so much wisdom."

Renita D'Silva

"Bodies in the Marina is an excellent, enjoyable read. It is a fast moving detective story with twists and red herrings to fox the reader. Alex Willis has mixed together several themes within his narrative and these flesh out the character of Buchanan."

S H Leeds

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“Mature, intelligent relationship dramas  I adore Linda’s books and I can’t recommend them highly enough."

My Chestnut Reading Tree

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"One of my top three reads of 2018...Every once in a while a book comes your way that makes your heart sing. Mavis and Dot was that book for me."

Bookaddiction UK

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"Brilliant book. I couldn't put it down. A superbly written and gripping story. I will definitely be reading more of Jan Harvey's books."

Carole Shephard

"A lovely story with intriguing twists and turns and I was hooked from the very first word to the very last."

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"Couldn't stop reading this book! Loved the way the past and present worked side by side to reveal and discover the lives of the main characters."

V. Childs

Author Profile Sadie
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"Saie's Wars is a must-read. At times it had me on tenterhooks but I had to keep reading- even though my heart was breaking "

Ingenue Magazine

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“A story that keeps you gripped while you see the widening world through the perspective of Grace. Puts the pleasure and emotion back into reading, as you turn the pages and follow Grace's journey.”

Fiona Robinson

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