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This website shows a selection of books which have appealed to readers in mid-life and beyond. Click on 'more details' to view the Amazon link. There are currently three pages of books, but more titles are added frequently, so please visit again soon.

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"Thoroughly engrossing, entertaining and well-written. If it had Joanna Trollope's name on it nobody would be surprised.'

Columnist Bel Mooney

"This is one of the most beautiful love stories I have read in a long time! Brilliantly written with depth and heart. I truly loved it!"

Black Cat Book Reviews

"This book was such a breath of fresh air, something a little different, and such an enjoyable read."

Anne Williams

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"Sofia’s story is an inspiring one, showing us how the power of friendship and love can help us overcome our past heartbreaks and disappointments."

Judy Lombard

"A fascinating exploration of how the past can affect the present. The language in this book is so fresh and vivid that it sweeps the reader up and away and deposits her on the beautiful Studland Bay where this story is set."

Rosanna Ley

"Set in Scotland and moving from the nineteen-thirties to the present day, 'The Good Sister' is a women’s fiction book featuring compelling real-life characters, fascinating plot twists and a strong mid-life heroine."

Anne Stormont.


“I could not put it down and read late into the night. A fabulous read ... lots of action and intrigue  many thoughtful moments.”

 Kay Hallt

"‘A totally engrossing, powerfully written family drama. A FINALIST and highly recommended."

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

"I have one word to describe this tale--FUN!! How can a murder mystery be fun, you ask? Buy it, and you will find out! Part of the fun was trying to figure out "who-dunnit"


"Couldn't put it down, great read"

Amazon Customer

Author Profile Author Profile

"What an extremely enthralling book. The subject matter was not the run of the mill second world war story and covered an aspect that was unknown to me." Hilary Joneson

"This story is so much more than a romance as there are links to World War One and some really heartfelt family tragedies that brings this book through so many twists and turns, but leaves it with a beautifully written ending."

Hannah Symonds 

"Very cleverly constructed, this is a gem."

A. Bonn


"...lively, fluid writing, a cracking plot, and the most magical of characters that will truly warm your heart. It has a very romantic almost nostalgic feel to it ....." Emma Davies


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