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A book of twelve short stories from writers in the US & UK. The Twelve Days of Christmas as you've never seen them before - pick a genre and it'll be in here somewhere!

A book about Christmases. Not Christmases as the hype says they are, but as they really are, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes silly and sometimes.. something completely unexpected.

American Spinster Daisy McFarland is a regular attender of the Branick Crime Writer's Conference. But this year's Christmas event offers more than a heinous crime on her computer when she discovers a body.

A family Christmas with secrets!

“A decaying mansion. A decaying family. A determined young woman wants to know the truth about her lover. Whatever the consequences.”

Jonathan Jones has written a novel. Losing his job a few days before Christmas means the pressure is on for his book to become a bestseller, but when his partner drops her own bombshell, the festive holiday looks set to be a disaster.

An emotive trio of stories with festive themes


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Christmas 1860. When a horrific murder takes place on a dark night in London, it changes two women for ever.

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