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Mike Befeler is author of fourteen books including six books in the Paul Jacobson Geezer-lit Mystery Series: Nursing Homes Are Murder; Care Homes Are Murder; Cruising in Your Eighties Is Murder, a finalist for The Lefty Award for best humorous mystery of 2012; Senior Moments Are Murder; Living with Your Kids Is Murder, a finalist for The Lefty Award for best humorous mystery of 2009; and Retirement Homes Are Murder. He has two published paranormal mysteries: The V V Agency and The Back Wing; a theater mystery titled, Mystery of the Dinner Playhouse; a historical mystery, Murder on the Switzerland Trail ; a sports mystery, Court Trouble: A Platform Tennis Mystery; an international thriller, The Tesla Legacy; and his most recent novel, Death of a Scam Artist. He also has a non-fiction book titled, For Liberty: A World War II Soldier’s Inspiring Life Story of Courage, Sacrifice, Survival and Resilience (The Best Chicken Thief in All of Europe). Mike is past-president of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Mystery Writers of America. After a thirty-nine year business career, he retired into writing. He grew up in Hawaii, spent many years in Boulder, Colorado, and currently lives in Lakewood, California, with his wife Wendy.




Mike Befeler

Bethany Askew

Bethany Askew is the author of five novels: The Time Before, The World Within, Out of Step, Counting the Days and Poppy’s Seed. She has also written a short story, The Night of the Storm.

Bethany is currently working on a new novel to be published later this year.

She is married and lives in Bishops Lydeard, near Taunton in Somerset.




Val cropped head only 30.10.17

Val Portelli (Voinks)

 Val's pen name, Voinks, began many years ago. It started as a joke then gradually spread through the family, so it was an obvious choice when her first book was published. Despite receiving her first rejection letter aged nine from some lovely people at a well-known women’s magazine, she continued writing intermittently until a freak accident left her housebound and going stir crazy.

The completion and publication of her first full length novel helped to save her sanity during those difficult times, and saw the start of her new career. Now firmly hooked, a second published book gave her the confidence to self-publish her third. In between writing her longest novel to date at over 100,000 words, she publishes weekly stories for her Facebook author page and web site.

Although her novels tend towards modern fiction with a hint of romance, her short stories cover various genres including her trademark twist of ‘Quirky’. From having unfulfilled days, she is now actively seeking out a planet with longer hours, to have time to write all the stories waiting to be told.  



Susan Elliot Wright grew up in south-east London. Before becoming a full-time writer, she did a number of different jobs, including civil servant, cleaner, dishwasher, journalist, and chef. She has an MA in Writing from Sheffield Hallam University, and now lives in Sheffield where she runs occasional writing workshops. She is published by Simon & Schuster, and her third novel, 'What She Lost', came out last year. Her fourth, 'The Flight of Cornelia Blackwood', will be published in February 2019.





Susan Elliot Wright

Ian Wilfred is 50+ but in his head he will always be 39. He lives on the Norfolk coast with his husband and west highland terrier. His perfect day would be to walk the dog on the beach, drink lots of coffee and write, but in real life after walking the dog, Ian goes off to work.

His debut novel 'Putting Right The Past' was published in 2013 and set on the island of Tenerife. 'The Little Terrace of Friendships' was published in March 2017, and Ian's third book 'A Secret Visitor to Saltmarsh Quay' was published in November 2017.


Ian Wilfred

Linda MacDonald was born and brought up in Cockermouth, Cumbria. She was educated at the local grammar school and later at Goldsmiths’, University of London, where she studied for a

BA in psychology and then a PGCE in biology and science. She taught in a secondary school in Croydon for eleven years before taking some time out to write, paint, knit scarves and make jewellery. In 1990 she returned to teaching at a sixth form college in south-east London where she taught psychology. For over twenty-five years she was also a visiting tutor in the psychology department at Goldsmiths’. Linda lives in Beckenham in south-east London and has now given up teaching to focus fully on writing. She has written four novels about issues that affect relationships in midlife. They may each be read independently although together they form a tetralogy – which may yet evolve into a longer series. These are: Meeting Lydia, A Meeting of a Different Kind, The Alone Alternative and The Man in the Needlecord Jacket. Linda is very interested in environmental issues and is an armchair sports enthusiast –particularly tennis.






Linda Macdonald

Linda Mike B Bethany Susan Elliot Wright sm

J.G. Harlond (Jane) grew up in the West of England, studied and worked in various countries and is now settled in rural Andalucía, Spain. Prior to becoming a full time author, Jane taught in International schools in Europe. Encouraged by positive reviews for her first work of fiction, she re-wrote it as The Empress Emerald then wrote a linked prequel, The Chosen Man. She is now completing The Chosen Man Trilogy, charting the international espionage and adventures of the charismatic rogue Ludo da Portovenere around 17th century Europe. Local Resistance, a murder mystery featuring the ageing and somewhat reluctant detective sergeant Bob Robbins, who is forced out of retirement during World War II, is set in Cornwall and based on real events. There will be more Bob Robbins mysteries in the near future. Jane writes fiction for Penmore Press and educational material for Oxford University Press.

J.G. Harlond

J. G. Harlond

Angela Petch lives half the year in a remote valley in the Tuscan Apennines and six months by the sea in West Sussex. She has travelled all her life: born in Germany, she spent six years as a child living in Rome, worked in Amsterdam after finishing her degree in Italian, moved to Sicily for her job, then to Tanzania for three years. Her head is full of stories and she always carries a pen and note-book wherever she goes to capture ideas. To date she has written two historical novels set in Italy and published by Endeavour Press. She has also started to write for women’s magazines and her stories have appeared in The People’s Friend and PRIMA. Her WIP, a novella written with gentle humour, will be published in November 2018. Completely different from her historical fiction, “The Adventures of Mavis and Dot” is the story of two ladies newly retired to the British seaside.  She has another idea brewing for a third Tuscan novel.




Angela Petch

Misha Herwin is a writer of books for adults and children. She also writes short stories which have appeared in a number of anthologies, both in the UK and the US and plays which have been performed in schools and museums. Four times a year she co-hosts 6x6 in Hanley Library, an event where writers can perform their work. In her spare time she bakes cakes and attempts to keep her garden in order. Her latest novel 'Shadows on the Grass' is published by Penkhull Press.




Misha Herwin

Peter Perrin writes sweet, seasoned romances involving larger-than-life mature characters who will make you rethink your views on older people in a positive way. His characters are mature in age but not necessarily in their behaviour. They may not be in the first flush of youth but that doesn’t stop some of them acting like hormonal teenagers.

Peter was born in Romford, in the county of Essex, near London, England. For nearly twenty years he has lived with his wife of almost forty years in a quiet suburb of Swindon, in the county of Wiltshire, in England. He is a father and grandfather.

He is a former member of The Royal Air Force who has served in the UK, and in Madagascar, Singapore and Aden—which nowadays is part of Yemen. Post RAF he worked for a year in Saudi Arabia.

After almost fifteen-years’ service in The Royal Air Force Peter worked in Engineering, Quality Control, and Procurement Management, not to mention myriad smaller jobs in between those careers.

Now retired Peter’s interests are Writing, Carp Fishing, and (despite being in his early seventies) PlayStation games.

His favourite quote is “Youth passes, but with luck, immaturity can last a lifetime.”




Peter Perrin

As a child, Helen had a vivid imagination fuelled by her love of reading, so she started to create her own stories in a notebook. She still prefers fictional worlds to real life, believes characterisation is the key to a successful book, and enjoys infusing her writing with humour and heart. Helen is a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association and the Society of Authors.



Helen Pollard

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