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Christine Campbell

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Catherine Byrne always wanted to be a writer. She began at the age of eight by drawing comic strips with added dialogue and later, as a teenager, graduated to poetry. Her professional life however, took a very different path.  She first studied glass engraving with Caithness Glass where she worked for fourteen years. During that time she also worked as a foster parent. After the birth of her youngest child she changed direction, studying and becoming a chiropodist with her own private practice.  At the same time she did all the administration work for her husband's two businesses, and this continued until the death of her husband in 2005.  However she still maintained her love of writing, and has had several short stories published in women's magazines. Her main ambition was to write novels and she has now retired in order to write full time. Born and brought up until the age of nine on the Island of Stroma, she heard many stories from her grandparents about the island life of a different generation. Her family moved to the mainland at a time when the island was being depopulated, although it took another ten years before the last family left.  An interest in geology, history and her strong ties to island life have influenced her choice of genre for her novels. Since first attending the AGM of the Scottish Association of Writers in 1999, Catherine has won several  prizes, commendations and has been short-listed both for short stories and chapters of her novels. In 2009, she won second prize in the general novel category for ‘Follow The Dove’. In 2016 The Road to Nowhere  won second prize in the Barbara Hammond competition for Best Self Published novel. The follow up, Isa’s Daughter won 1st prize in the same competition the following year, 2017. She is has now finished the fifth book in the Raumsey series, Mary Rosie’s War.

Catherine Byrne lives in Wick, Caithness.  

www. catherinebyrne-author.com

Catherine Byrne

 Tanya van Hasselt is married with four adult sons and lives in Tunbridge Wells, England. She writes novels under her Dutch maiden name; as Tanya Aydon she has won awards for her short stories, including a Barbara Pym centenary prize. 

Tanya van Hasselt

Proud Yorkshire woman, author, tennis nut & tea drinker. Unlike Rose, the identity detective in her books, Sandra is not adopted.

Sandra Danby

Patricia Roxborough Murray Strickson, known as Pat, was born in South West Scotland but has lived in Bexhill England for most of her life. Due to family circumstances, she moved schools several times and struggled, failing her 11 plus in Scotland and later her GCSEs in England. She retook her exams and eventually studied to get an MA in Education. She then achieved her dream job as a teacher in a primary school and became a dyslexia specialist. When Pat retired forty years later it was as an Executive Headteacher. She had no idea she would write a book.

When Pat  discovered a painting of a local landmark in a charity shop, she boought it and took it to the framers. They recognised that it belonged to a local war hero. She followed his amazing story, gripped by coincidences and gained his family’s support. She used Captain Avro Frederick John Hannaford’s notes and followed his story, loving the research. He was one of the last bomb disposal officers in WWII. He was sure they’d been forgotten and wanted official recognition for the 350 who gave the ultimate sacrifice. She discovered a whole new way of living and how ‘Time stood still in a muddy hole,’ for Captain Hannaford.SheI also believes all retired bomb disposal experts deserve that recognition. She says " I am a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, teacher and now, quite unexpectedly, an author."

Pat Strickson

Rosemary Noble lives in West Sussex and worked as an education librarian. Books have been her life, ever since she walked into a library at 5 years old and found a treasure trove. Her other love is social history. She got hooked on family history before retirement and discovered so many stories that deserved to be told.

Her first book, Search for the Light, tells the story of three young girls transported to Australia in 1824. Friendship sustains them through the horrors of the journey and their enforced service in Tasmania. The Digger’s Daughter tells of the next generation of gold-diggers and a pioneering woman who lives almost through the first hundred years in Victoria. The third in the trilogy, Sadie’s Wars takes the reader to the fourth generation and into the twentieth century. The trilogy is based on the author’s family. It tells of secrecy and lies, of determination and grit and how all can be done or undone by luck.

Rosemary is a member of CHINDI independent authors and is involved in literary events in and around Chichester. She also loves to travel, especially to Australia and Europe and not least, she loves spending time with her grandchildren, one of who is a budding author herself.

Rosemary Noble

Geraldine Ward is a writer, author and mother who has self published a number of books including a novella about mental health, ‘Caring for the Carer’, children’s poetry and fiction including most recently ‘Mark’s Magic Farmyard and Other Stories’ and adult short fiction and poetry. She has also had individual poems published in presses such as ‘The Blue Nib’ edited by Shirley Bell, ‘I am not a silent piet’ edited by Reuben Woolley and ‘Writers Cafe Magazine’ edited by Marie Lightman. In her spare time she likes to play the piano and is learning the ukulele.

Geraldine Ward

Christine Campbell lives in a small village outside of Edinburgh with her husband, and whatever assortment of children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren happen to be visiting at the time.

When she has a moment of peace, and is not distracted by the varied wildlife currently taking up residence in her garden and the field beyond, Christine writes novels or posts on her blog at cicampbellblog.wordpress.com as well as producing occasional videos about her writing on her Facebook page and YouTube. She is always working on her next novel. So busy, busy, busy writing for your pleasure and hers.



Elizabeth Ellis grew up in Hertfordshire, has lived in various corners of England and spent several years in France.  She has worked in education and now runs a community writing group and art gallery. She is married with three daughters.

The Place Where Love Should Be is her second novel.



Ann Richardson has been a writer for many years. She is fascinated by other people’s thoughts, experiences and emotions and loves to write books where they can express their views from the heart and in their own words. She writes on different subjects that capture her interest, intended for a general audience. Ann previously worked as a self-employed researcher and writer in the areas of health and social care, preparing books, reports and articles for professionals in these fields.  American by birth, Ann lives in London, England, with her English husband. She has two children, also living in London, and two grandsons.


Anne R

Ann Richardson

Linda was born in a tiny town in west Texas. After a life in and around the Dallas, Texas and Tampa, Florida areas, she retired to another tiny town in east Texas. She describes herself as a life-begins-at-50-girl. She received her Bachelor’s Degree at 51, found new love at 52, learned to ride a motorcycle at 56, and published her first book after she began collecting Social Security. After years as a family caregiver, Linda began to write as a way of helping herself and others deal with the pain and frustration of their tasks. A Long and Winding Road, her first memoir about Alzheimer’s caregiving and life on the road in a motor home, was published in 2014. A follow up memoir called Mom’s Long Good-Bye will be released in July, 2018. Now that her parents are eternally healed, she writes for a local newspaper about life in the country, her feral Kitty, and her amazingly patient husband David. She has also ventured into fiction. Tatia’s Tattoo, a Christian novel about sex trafficking in small-town America, will be released in July, 2018...


Linda Brendle

Geraldine Rosemary Noble

Elizabeth Ellis

Liz Ellis

Samantha Henthorn was born in 1970 something in Bury near Manchester UK. She has been writing full time since 2014. She had poetry and short stories published in magazines, but now focuses her energies on writing uplifting and humorous books. She has Four books available 'Piccalilly' 'Quirky Tales to Make Your Day' '1962' and more recently, 'Curmudgeon Avenue, (The Terraced House Diaries). This is a novella to introduce the 'Curmudgeon Avenue' series. When Samantha is not writing, she is reading, reviewing and listening to heavy metal. She has one grown up daughter, two cats, one dog and one husband.


Samantha Henthorn

Christine C CathB Tanya Sandra Pat