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Anne Stormont is a Scot who lives in the Scottish Hebrides. She is a wife, mother and grandmother. She was a primary school teacher for thirty-six years, but has now left teaching in order to write full time. Anne has written since she could first make squiggles on paper. She also enjoys gardening, hiking and riding pillion on her husband's motor-bike. She can be a subversive old bat but she maintains a kind heart.

She believes - indeed she knows - that there is life after fifty and she writes thoughtful, grown-up, romantic fiction where the main characters are older but no wiser. Anne thinks of her genre as Romance Plus. Plus what? Plus realism, insight and grit. Anne has so far published two novels, 'Change of Life' and 'Displacement'. She is currently working on a sequel.

Anne Stormont


Sue Hewitt


Sue was born in Kent in 1957. She has lived happily with her family in the Scottish Borders for  nearly 30 years. The Cunning Woman's Cup is her first novel.

Sue works as housekeeper and gardener for the artist Susan Ryder. She lives in a picturesque lodge house with arch-shaped windows and doors and enjoys the rural life.

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Val Portelli (Voinks)

 Val's pen name, Voinks, began many years ago. It started as a joke then gradually spread through the family, so it was an obvious choice when her first book was published. Despite receiving her first rejection letter aged nine from some lovely people at a well-known women’s magazine, she continued writing intermittently until a freak accident left her housebound and going stir crazy.

The completion and publication of her first full length novel helped to save her sanity during those difficult times, and saw the start of her new career. Now firmly hooked, a second published book gave her the confidence to self-publish her third. In between writing her longest novel to date at over 100,000 words, she publishes weekly stories for her Facebook author page and web site.

Although her novels tend towards modern fiction with a hint of romance, her short stories cover various genres including her trademark twist of ‘Quirky’. From having unfulfilled days, she is now actively seeking out a planet with longer hours, to have time to write all the stories waiting to be told.

Debbie Terranova is a writer of contemporary and historical fiction who has published three novels and several short stories. She specializes in ‘fiction with a conscience’, meaning fictional stories based on real events or set in a specific era. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and a Master of Public Administration and is a human resources professional.


Debbie Terranova

Debbie Jennie

Jennie Bohnet

Jennie Bohnet is English, but has lived in France for the past 17 years. After 11 years down on the Cote d’Azur, she moved from the Mediterranean coast to a small quirky cottage in Finistere, Brittany. A bit of a culture shock to say the least! When not writing Jennie loves reading, cooking and having friends around for lunch - lunches that follow the French tradition of lasting for several hours.

Ian Wilfred is 50+ but in his head he will always be 39. He lives on the Norfolk coast with his husband and west highland terrier. His perfect day would be to walk the dog on the beach, drink lots of coffee and write, but in real life after walking the dog, Ian goes off to work.

His debut novel 'Putting Right The Past' was published in 2013 and set on the island of Tenerife. 'The Little Terrace of Friendships' was published in March 2017, and Ian's third book 'A Secret Visitor to Saltmarsh Quay' was published in November 2017.


Ian Wilfred

Linda MacDonald was born and brought up in Cockermouth, Cumbria. She was educated at the local grammar school and later at Goldsmiths’, University of London, where she studied for a

BA in psychology and then a PGCE in biology and science. She taught in a secondary school in Croydon for eleven years before taking some time out to write, paint, knit scarves and make jewellery. In 1990 she returned to teaching at a sixth form college in south-east London where she taught psychology. For over twenty-five years she was also a visiting tutor in the psychology department at Goldsmiths’. Linda lives in Beckenham in south-east London and has now given up teaching to focus fully on writing. She has written four novels about issues that affect relationships in midlife. They may each be read independently although together they form a tetralogy – which may yet evolve into a longer series. These are: Meeting Lydia, A Meeting of a Different Kind, The Alone Alternative and The Man in the Needlecord Jacket. Linda is very interested in environmental issues and is an armchair sports enthusiast –particularly tennis.






Linda Macdonald


Tony Hunt

Tony Hunt works as a management consultant and facilitator with managers and senior executives, specialising in soft skills development. Most of his engagements are in Europe, but many are further afield in places like Dubai, Tokyo, Riyadh and Addis Ababa.

Among his qualifications is a master’s degree in Theatre Arts, and he began his writing career with stage plays. He has done voice over work for television, including a documentary on the painter Rene Magritte which was broadcast by ITV 1 in their ‘Perspectives’ series. He has also recorded some programmes for BBC CBeebies, and had the satisfaction of freaking out his little grandchildren when they heard his voice! Because he works as a professional presenter, Tony really enjoys any opportunity of reading his stories to an audience.

As his management development work has become more important, he has written and presented many business seminars which are now on internet learning portals all over the world.

Tony likes to focus on detail, and in the short story he has found an ideal format for his style. His two collections: ‘Geordie Boy – Small Events in a Child’s Life’ and ‘ForGiving – Dark Tales from the Charity Shop’ are written with older readers in mind – the first focusing on nostalgia, and the second concerning later life choices.

Tony and his wife, Wendy, live in a quiet Lakeland valley in a farmhouse once owned by Beatrix Potter.





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