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Books for 'Older' Readers

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"Caroline James is a terrific writer with a wonderful sense of humour whose book is sure to cheer up even the most dismal of days! A first-rate read that I highly recommend. The Best Boomerville is a must-read for readers everywhere!"


Author Profile Swimmers

"On a cold rainy day I read this book from cover to cover and found myself mentally slipping into the pool and becoming acquainted with by a remarkable group of characters. The book is full of insights as the Silver Swimmers help each other deal with the ups and downs of life and rediscover a sense of purpose."

Clare Maxwell Hudson

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"If you enjoy romance, suspense, and a vivid sense of time and place with beautifully drawn detail, you’re going to love this one – much as I did."

Welsh Annie

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"A funny, intelligent and sassy look at the friendships between women of a more mature age. An enjoyable and highly entertaining romp!”  Joanne Robertson

Letting Go
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"One of the best books I've read in a long time. Beautifully written and a very sensitive observation of the frailties of human life."

M. Fawell

Author Profile Countess
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"I really enjoyed this historical romance with a good deal of mystery thrown in - really impressive dialogue that really makes the time period come alive. Definitely a good read!"


Author Profile Enemies
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This book is beautifully written and brings the characters and locations to life in an engaging way. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Maggie Christensen 

Author Profile Confirmation
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