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Books for 'Older' Readers

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Because we never stop reading...

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We are beginning to add collections of short stories, novellas and poetry. Please visit again soon to view our growing and varied selection.

"He managed to get to the nuance of what it is to be a volunteer, and he really captured the atmosphere of a volunteer-based environment well.

This book really is escapism at its best, and I hope to discover more from Hunt in the years to come."



"I enjoyed the cast of characters all at different stages in life, all facing their own dilemmas but all also linked. I found I cared about the characters from the start and they were all credible, 3D and relatable. The storytelling is expertly done and I find the novella format is perfect for Kindle."


Author Profile Bunnel

“Toni's book is as always very well written. I found it a very moving, memorable book and one that I derived a lot of comfort from. I will read it again at some time in the future. Thank you Toni for expressing so well how many of us feel.”

Carol Arnall

Author Profile Burning
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"Burning for Byron is a fun and sexy ride with characters you grow to love. I really enjoyed hearing about the heroine's hilarious neurotic musings as she contemplates the next move in her romantic escapades. A great, enjoyable read! I always learn something new from Randi Devilkin."


"Well written and heartfelt work"

Annie B..

More Details Author Profile Curmudgeon
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"Humorous with a quirky edge to it combined with some good northern references. Can recommend"

Shirley Bold Trott 

Author Profile Best image cover
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"Funny, thought-provoking, genius! Amazing illustrations"

Julie R.

Life AM
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"OMG what a scream! This is the funniest book I have read this year!  Everything is just so true and life-like."


More Details Frank (2) Country Boy
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"a storyteller and poet of an unusual kind. He writes about everything with a vision most of us do not see until he brings it forth."   TBL

Author Profile QUEER
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"Light hearted and funny, I really enjoyed these short stories, they’re beautifully written with such warmth."

Mrs J Haines